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About Franklin Eyewear

Happy Al Underwood

Franklin Eyewear began in 1985-just as the Baby Boomers were entering the market. 

Our first selections were 4 basic frames...this changed rapidly as the Baby Boomers hit 40!

All of us that are wearing reading glasses now insist on doing it with style.

And in the words of Ben Franklin, “Well done is better than well said.” 

That’s why Franklin Eyewear are quality made but value priced. Great looks and very competitive with those in the major chain retailers. This brings more customers to you! 

Our color coding system makes it easy to maintain your displays. Each strength has it’s own color tag to help you keep them organized and make it easy for the consumer to find their strength. The displays have corresponding color stickers to help achieve this goal.

“One today is worth two tomorrows.” - Benjamin Franklin. 

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