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  • Boutique Reader Floor Display

    Boutique Reader Floor Display

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    72 piece “Boutique” floor display with 72 refills. The storage base provides easy access for restocking your display as our style and price point often create multiple sales! You’re “out” when your storage base gets low...keeping the display full all the time insures more sales!

    Price tags are color coded by strength and the display has matching labels for easy stocking, organizing and re­ordering. Strengths from 1.25 to 4.00! Easy merchandising!

    Display is 14” square, and 66” high...easy to place in a prime spot in your store!

    144 pair $6.99 Readers @ $3.50 each: $504
    Free Boutique display and Free shipping (continental US only)

    Price: $504.00

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